Kilt & Wood

Handcrafted wood products, game calls, tobacco pipes and much more!



Everything at Kilt & Wood is handcrafted from start to finish; from the artisan tobacco pipes to the kitchen spoons.


Artisan Tobacco Pipes

All tobacco pipes are hand cut using premium briar and solid ebonite or acrylic rod stock. I use a "freehand" drilling process for the draught hole and chamber, as well as hand funneling the slot in the the button. These pipes are 100% handcrafted and are made to last generations.


Wooden Bowls & Kitchen Utensils

From a hand turned wooden bowl to a hand shaved wooden spoon, here at Kilt & Wood we can accommodate any of your kitchen utensil or decoration needs.


Game Calls

All game calls are hand-turned and fitted out of locally sourced Texas woods, such as bois d'arc, black walnut, red oak, and pecan. However, I do like to use some uniques woods like 180 year old pre-civil war amish barn wood reclaimed from Northern Pennsylvania. Current game calls include; squirrel, duck, wood duck, buck, doe, predator and turkey.


Celtic Products

I am happy to try and create any Celtic item you would like, but these are already ready to go. Some of my Celtic themed items include; wall mounted bottle openers, kilt pins, Sgian Dubhs, Delgans, Scottish Spurtles, Scottish quiachs, and Thor's hammer.


About Kilt & Wood

Kilt & Wood was original started in 2017 and operated under the name PBattles Pipes & Mercantile. As a tobacco pipe craftsman my love for wood and creating beautiful pieces grew to include hand turned bowls, spoons, game calls, Scottish spurtles, delgans, and many other wooden products. The ability to take different species of wood and transform them into functional pieces of art is something I truly enjoy and will continue to pursue.

Image by Philip Swinburn


Conroe, TX 77301


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